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Sri Vasant Panchmi and Saraswati Jayanti
Sunday, 12th Febuary 2019

Ma SaraswatiThis day is to observe Ma Saraswati's birthday. Worshipping her on this day is considered particularly divine for students, artists and musicians. Ma Saraswati as she is popularly known is the Goddess for learning and wisdom. She is often also referred to as consort of Sri Brahma-ji, the supreme creator or originator of thecosmos.

Their partnership stresses the point in our scriptures that without proper knowledge, there can be no origin or creation.

It also demonstrates the high regard accorded to knowledge in Hindu culture and custom. Sri Saraswati puja is a means of honouring this day.

It is also a belief in parts of India, that this is the day Ma Sarawati came to earth with Ma Durga to drive away ignorance that Mahishasura was nurturing with him.

Spring of knowledge

Sri Vasant Panchmi falls on the 5th day of Shukla Paksh (bright lunar side) of the month of Magh. The day also signifies the start of Spring and warm weather in the Indian subcontinent. The passing of winter marks the end of darkness and ignorance.

How to Observe Sri Vasant Panchami

A devotee who attains Ma Saraswati's blessings derives auspicious and Satwic knowledge - thus ending darkness and ignorance.

On this day:

• Observe vrat (ekadashi-type)
• Chant mantra, chalisa & aarti for Ma Saraswati
• Bathe Ma Saraswati in panchamirit (milk, dahi, ghee, honey & gudr)
• Offer white or pink flowers;
•Chant Shanti Path
•Recite Ma Saraswati-Ji ki Chalisa and Aarthi


Om Saraswatiye vidhmahi, Brahma Putriye dhimahi tanno Devi prachodayat

Young children write their first letters on this day and take their chalk, pencils, pens and other learning materials to local mandirs for blessings. Musicians place their instruments before Ma Saraswati and seek her blessings on this day.

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