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Sri Kal Bhairo Ashtami

Monday 21st December 2016



As the name of day suggests, it is celebrated on the eighth day of Krishna Paksh of the month of Margsish. It is a day named in honour of Sri Bhairo Baba, as he is commonly referred to as his close devotees.

Sri Bhairo Baba or sometimes spelt Bhairav is closely linked to the bhakti of Devi Jagdamba (Sri Durga Devi) - who rewarded him with a vardhaan or boon that he is to be worhsipped after prayers and offerings to her for a complete sadhana for her.

After engaging in a war with her, he was destroyed but in his final moments began chanting Devi's mantras. With his acknowledgment of the Devi Durga's Adhi Shakti (unparallel powers and wisdom), Devi Jagdamba was pleased with Lord Bhairo and granted him a status that he would have to be worshipped by devotees after her aradhana.

Lord Hanuman who was also engaged in a similar battle with Bhairo Baba before Devi Jagdamba, also gained prominence then when the divine Devi granted him a status that he would always be worshipped before her.

While visiting the holy shrine of Vaishno Devi in Punjab these days, it is essential to visit the separate mandir of Sri Bhairo Baba as well to be able to complete your teerath yatra successfully.

Even in all-night Devi Jagrans, worshipping of Sri Bhairo Baba is crucial alongside Sri Hanumanji and Sri Ganesh.

It is often also stated that Bhairo is also a powerful enegry form of Lord Shiva, the Mahadeo himself. Sri Bhairo is often compared to Vir Bhadra - whom Lord Shiva created from within himself to destroy Daj Prajapati, father of Lord Shiva's earlier wife, Devi Sati.

Favourite mantra for Bhairo Baba:

Om Namo Bhagvate Batukaye Aapduu Dwarkaye Kuru Kuru Batukaye Him.

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