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Karva Chauth
Sathurday 27th October 2018

Karva Chauth

This is the day married ladies observe strict nirajal fast until after sunset. They break their fast after viewing Chandra Devta, after 6pm. If Chandra Devta is not visible on the night they are encouraged to fast until sunrise the next day.

The purpose of the married women observing a fast on this day is to ensure the health, prosperity and long life of their husbands, and celebrate the bond between wife and husband.

The well known story of Veeravati shows us the power of this varat.

Veeravati undertook the Karva Chauth fast and was finding it difficult, but was committed to completing it. Her seven brothers saw her suffering in observing the fast, and decided to relieve her by tricking her into breaking the fast early by shining a mirror on a hill so that Veeravati would think it was the moon.

Veeravati unknowingly broke her fast early due to the brothers’ prank. Shortly after she received news that her husband had died.

On the advice of an elderly woman, Veeravati devotedly preserved her husband’s body and observed the full Karva Chauth fast the next year, at which time her husband’s body came back to life, and the couple had long and happy lives together.

It is said that women have the innate power to undertake great varats more so than men, and a Pati Vrat (devoted wife) has the power to protect her husband from an untimely death by observing Karva Chauth.




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