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Khar Maas

Satursday 16th December 2017- Tuesday 16th January 2018


Sri Surya

Hindu's calendar inauspicious month starts from 16th December 2017 until 16th January, 2018. The month or the period is called Khar Maas.

Khar maas starts from safla Ekadashi day of the Paush month. This day is also called Dhenu Sankranti.

This day falls on the 10th day of Krishna Paksh of the Marg month. This auspicious day,marking the end of Khar maas is also called Makar Sankranti. The festival of Makar Sankranti is celebrated with so much vigourt and enthusiasm to mark the end of the Khar Maas.

According to vedic shratra, no major hindu religious programme should be held during the month of kharmaas because of the inauspicopus nature of the month. No new ventures are undertaken during this month, traditional weddings are generally discouraged. Also sometimes Grah Pravesh is not undertaken although there is no such restriction in our shastras.

The inauspicious nature of this month is linked to the fact that Lord Surya goes into Dhenu Rasi - which is considered a lower Rasi and not so auspicious.

For vivah, ie weddings, Sri Surya, Sri Brahaspati and Sri Shukra need to be in Shub Sthan - and that happens on Makar Sankranti.

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