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Sri Ram Vivah Panchami

Sunday 4th December 2016


Sri Ram, Sri Sita, Sri Lakshman and Sri Hanuman-jiIt is one of the most celebrated days of Lord Ram and Devi Sita's time on earth. The day the couple were married. Their wedding became a focal or reference point for traditional Hindu weddings.

On the fifth day of Shukla Paksh of Margsish month, we celebrate the wedding anniversary of Sri Ram and Mata Sita.

Sri Ram's janam bhoomi, Ayodhya and its many centuries-old mandirs light up on Sri Ram Vivah Panchmi. Celebrations usually involve enactment of the wedding of the four brothers, Bharat, Lakshman, Shratrughan and Sri Sita Devi and her three sisters, Madhvi, Urmila and Shrutkirti.

Sri Ram Vivah processions are passed from one mandir to another during the day and culminates with the actual wedding ceremony in the evening. The event is also sometimes referred as Ram Vivah Utsav.

Procession involving the Sri Ram Baraat usually start from the Janaki (Sitaji's original name) Mahal mandir and goes through Nayaghat, Swargdwar and the ever-divine Hanumangarhi mandir before the wedding ceremony.

Devotional songs of  ‘Hari Anant, Hari Katha Ananta’, and ‘Mangal Bhawan Amangal Hari’ from the Ramayana are sung on the day. Celebrations are concluded around midnight on the day.

Celebrations of similar magnitude are held in Janakpur, birth place of Sri Sita Devi and in other parts of Nepal where Vaishno devotees are predominant.

Favorite Gayatri Mantra for Sri Ram

Om Dasrathaye Vidmahi, Sita Valabhai Dhimahi Tanno Rama Prachodayat

Favorite Gayatri Matra for Sri Sita Devi:

Om Janak Nandinaye Vidmahi, Bhoomi Jaye Dhimahi Tanno Sita Prachodayat


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