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Monday 19th November 2018


Sri Surya

Tulsi Vivah is an important ritual performed in Kartik month in traditional Hindu calendar. Tulsi Vivah festival is the symbolic wedding of Sri Tulsi-ji to Lord Vishnu. Tulsi Vivah is performed by some communities on the Ekadasi day after Amavasi (new moon) in Kartik month and by some communities on the Dev Deepawali day or the full moon day in Kartik Month.

Each year devotees, organizations, and temples perform this ritual with all pomp and glory of a real wedding. Tulsi Vivah is an age-old tradition and is mentioned in the Padma Purana and other ancient scriptures. Tulsi, or the Holy Basil, is the sacred plant of the Hindus and symbolizes purity and is famous for its medicinal properties.

The legend goes as there was a king named Jalandhar who got a boon that he will remain immortal as long as his wife Vrinda follows Pati Vrat morals.
This made King Jalandhar arrogant and he declared war on other kings, demi gods and started tormenting innocent people. Finally, the task of vanquishing King Jalandhar was vasted upon Lord Vishnu. While King Jalandar was away on a battle mission, Lord Vishnu went/approached Vrinda disguised as Jalandar. She mistook him for her husdand and they lived like "husband and wife" for a while. Soon Jalandhar was killed in a battle and Vrinda came to know about it. This made Vrinda furious and she cursed Vishnu and made him turn to Shaligram.

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